ISO Schematron — free official version

The official version of the ISO/IEC International Standard for Schematron is now available for free from ISO for individual use. See and seach for "Schematron".

The RELAX NG Compact Syntax schema for ISO Schematron is available here.

The RELAX NG Compact Syntax schema for ISO SVRL (Schematron Validation Report Language) is available here.

ISO Schematron — final committee draft

For convenience, the final Committee Draft of October 2004 of the International Standard for ISO Schematron are available below. These have only minor changes compared to the final version. Please prefer the standard, and only use these drafts if the final is unavailable.

The draft is available in four forms:

This version is the result of addressing comments from national standards bodies and implementers. If the national standards bodies accept that the changes satisfy their requests, as is expected, this text will the same as the final International Standard, except for any minor editorial corrections*.

The draft is made available for comment, spelling corrections, and to aid implementers and users until the final International Standard is published in paper by ISO and other nations that adopt Schematron as a national standard, some time in 2005. This text is suitable as the interim reference for organizations adopting Schematron.

ISO Schematron now differs from Schematron 1.5 in four practical respects:

The Schematron Assertion Language 1.5

The specification for the earlier Schematron 1.5 is available from Academia Sinica Computing Centre. Other information on Schematron 1.5 can be found at the RDDL (Resource Description Document Language) page and at the former former news site for pre-ISO Schematron.