RAN - Raw Access Notation 乱

[UPDATE: The most recent version is available here:  RAN - Raw Access Notation 乱.]

After various discussions on the XML-DEV board on my previous post  The Goals of XML at 25: and the one change that XML really now needs I have got my ideas the point where I can put out a more concrete language. 

RAN - Raw Access Notation 乱 (original PDF)

It builds on the requirements I mentioned in my 2018 post  The X Refactor, but against the direction of my post  Dream: XMON combining XML and JSON (akin to FtalML or even YAML). Instead of saying that compatability with XML (syntax or infoset), and with JSON, are goals, I take the opposite approach: let the dead bury the dead.

Its XML subset is similar to MicroXML or W3C Canonicalized XML.  It is designed to allow an application to access fragments and elements without having to fully parse the text before or after; and to allow this to be done with high efficiency by using the parallel processing capabilities of modern processor (SIMD, multiple threads, GPU).  It supports simple lexical/data typing of attribute values and infinite streams.

There is no implementation. This is a thought experiment to present the idea.